"The Early Visual System : comprehensive and data-driven modelling" meeting part 2

This international workshop is organized by Yves Frégnac, Olivier Marre, Cyril Monier, Alain Destexhe, and Antoine Chaillet, with the generous support of the CNRS, the Human Brain Project and the Paris-Saclay Lidex initiative I-Code. It will take place at the European Institute for Theoretical Neuroscience (EITN), located in the center of Paris.

Due to a limited number of seats regsitration is free however mandatory.


The purpose of this workshop is to gather an expert group of 30-40 theoreticians and experimentalists in the field to take stock and debate about the current challenges when trying to understand the computations performed by the early visual system on the basis of multiscale data obtained by electrophysiological and calcium imaging data.

The general issue “Do we know what the early visual system does?” was the topic of a workshop at the SFN meeting ten years ago. Over the last decade, there has been tremendous technical progresses and conceptual advances which force us to revise our views on the nature of the computations performed in particular by the primary visual cortex, and their implementation by the neural circuitry.

We therefore felt that it is the right time to invite worldwide recognized experts to participate to this intense think-tank meeting, with the hope to achieve four main goals :

  1. Re-visiting the receptive field concept: is it dead or alive?.
  2. Exploring the level of data-driven complexity that should be accounted for, in order to propose realistic models of the full V1 network dynamics
  3. Exploring the impact of adaptation, homeostasis and synaptic plasticity on the functional versatility of the V1 network
  4. How far are we in providing a unified theoretical framework for low-level cortical vision?


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